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Burda WTG auf der R+T Asia vom 20. bis 22. März 2018 in Shanghai

Interview mit Jiri Burda, CEO Burda Worldwide Technologies

Als Inno­va­ti­ons­preis­trä­ger R+T 2018 für das MODULARSYSTEM gehört Bur­da World­wi­de Tech­no­lo­gies zu den aus­ge­wähl­ten Aus­stel­lern auf der Welt­mes­se R+T Asia. Auf einem spe­zi­ell für die deut­schen Inno­va­ti­ons­ge­win­ner ein­ge­rich­te­ten Stand prä­sen­tiert Jiri Bur­da (CEO) das preis­ge­krön­te MODULARSYSTEM einem inter­na­tio­na­len Publi­kum.

Lesen Sie das Inter­view mit Jiri Bur­da:

Quel­le: http://rtasia.org/en/content/interview-burda-worldwide-technologies

Bur­da WTG exports high-class and part­ly hand­ma­de hea­ting and coo­ling devices with short-wave infra­red tech­no­lo­gy to more than 50 coun­tries, gene­ra­ting more than 4.1 mil­li­on euro in sales in 2011, set to fur­ther increa­se in the future. “Bur­da World­wi­de Tech­no­lo­gies GmbH. The intel­li­gent approach.”

As a pioneer in short-wave infra­red tech­no­lo­gy, Bur­da WTG has the exper­ti­se and the know-how to con­stant­ly deve­lop that tech­no­lo­gy and to offer a one-stop ser­vice in hea­ting, coo­ling, and ligh­t­ing sys­tems. All Bur­da pro­duc­ts sha­re four cen­tral values: inno­va­ti­on, qua­li­ty, design, and dura­bi­li­ty. Bur­da WTG is a dyna­mic com­pa­ny with only short inter­vals bet­ween new inno­va­tions. The goal is to gra­dual­ly maxi­mi­ze the per­for­mance of its hea­ting and coo­ling devices. That is the company´s mea­su­re for suc­cess which is being pro­mo­ted dai­ly around the glo­be.

The ori­gi­nal foun­der, Jiri Bur­da, still is the owner and mana­ging direc­tor of the com­pa­ny, which has its head­quar­ters in Frank­furt, Ger­ma­ny.

Inter­view­er: R+T Asia  Inter­viewee: Mr. Jiri Bur­da — Gene­ral Mana­ger of Bur­da World­wi­de Tech­no­lo­gies GmbH

Ques­ti­on 1: Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to your team for win­ning the R+T Stutt­gart 2018 Inno­va­ti­on Pri­ze for your Modu­lar Sys­tem in the cate­go­ry of spe­cial solu­ti­ons. Tell us about this pro­duct.

Mr. Jiri Bur­da: If you see and feel this pro­duct, you will under­stand why it’s so per­fect. The “MODULAR SYSTEM” was an idea to pro­du­ce some­thing new for the mar­ket. With this sys­tem, you can com­bi­ne hea­ting and coo­ling as well as ligh­t­ing with LED spots in a modu­lar design that will fit in many are­as, such as pri­va­te vil­las, bal­co­nies, per­go­las, and ter­races, as well as hotels, restau­rants, and other public are­as. It’s also ide­al for awnings of various widths.

Ques­ti­on 2: This con­cept of offe­ring hea­ting, coo­ling and ligh­t­ing in one pro­duct had to be chal­len­ging. 

Mr. Jiri Bur­da: Many geo­gra­phic are­as around the glo­be expe­ri­ence both hot days and cold days. It’s true in the USA, Asia, South Ame­ri­ca, the Paci­fic regi­on, Aus­tra­lia, and else­whe­re. So, we wan­ted to crea­te a sys­tem that could pro­vi­de hea­ting in win­ter, coo­ling in sum­mer, and ligh­t­ing when it’s dark. I wan­ted to crea­te a sys­tem that inspi­red custo­mers to say, “I love my hea­ters!”

Ques­ti­on 3: I see that Bur­da will be fea­tured in the Inno­vAc­tion Hub in R+T Asia 2018. What do you expect from the Asia-Paci­fic mar­ket?

Mr. Jiri Bur­da: We find that peop­le ever­y­whe­re, inclu­ding Chi­na, India, Indo­ne­sia, and Hong Kong, want pro­duc­ts that are made or engi­nee­red in Ger­ma­ny. Our pro­duct is very use­ful in the­se Paci­fic Rim coun­tries. For examp­le, the Hong Kong mar­ket has so many nice restau­rants, hotels, and are­as whe­re our modu­lar heating/cooling sys­tem makes per­fect sen­se for now and for the future. At R+T Asia, I hope to find part­ners, archi­tec­ts, and net­works that will bring us into the mar­ket.

Ques­ti­on 4: Will you be pro­mo­ting spe­ci­fic pro­duc­ts for the Asi­an mar­ket?

Mr. Jiri Bur­da: I think that our Modu­lar Sys­tem that pro­vi­des both hea­ting and coo­ling as well as ligh­t­ing will be per­fect for the Asi­an cli­ma­te. That is why I defi­ni­te­ly want to go to R+T Asia.

Ques­ti­on 5: What is the secret to buil­ding a suc­cess­ful com­pa­ny?

Mr. Jiri Bur­da: We seek to pro­vi­de solu­ti­ons that are new, real, and intel­li­gent. Ulti­mate­ly, we seek to make our custo­mers hap­py. I think that crea­tes a suc­cess­ful com­pa­ny.

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